Global Partners Network 2013 And Beyond, Change for the future of humanity .

Greetings we are Global Partners Network and we are here to help and assist disaster relief victims who have been displaced by the aftermath of hurricane Sandy and we are gearing up for the summer of 2013. We are hoping to create a positive change  for the future of Long Island, and southern New Jersey as well, we will be working in sync with many churches and chamber of commerce offices in areas affected the worst by the hurricane Sandy aftermath . Any and all assistance you may provide with your personal time and effort or donations or also your company.s time effort or donations as well, is greatly appreciated and we hope to build a future for the families that have been displaced by natural disasters and otherwise as well including man made disasters . We are dedicated to rebuiliding renovation light construction and remodeling as well . We intend to put back togehter as many people,s  lives as we can with the resources we have . Please feel free to contact us with any input you may hav on how you think our organzation can more people freindly in general we want to hear from you and know you as well America .

Global Parnter,s Network.s Now .

The future of disaster relief assitance is in our hands. and as the world changes we must change with it or we will not be here anymore. Global Parnters Network is planning ot help shape and even change the future of disaster relief an the necessary onsite reponse and even rebuilding an renovation as well .
Here are jsust a few examples of the damage left behind in the wake of hurricane Sandy, soon at least by the end of the summer, we would like to be able to show you pics of before and after we put thing back in order for the displaced famlies who have been forced to live a nomadic lifestyle with their children even . Global Partners Network will be here and there . Soon we will be able to go anywhere any time and set up a mobile office to deal with getting dsiplaced famlies back on track in the wake and post disaster scene.s